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Buy Russet potatoes in South Africa

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Our Russet Potatoes are the perfect choice for any meal. Grown right here in South Africa, these potatoes are high-quality and full of flavor. We offer flexible payment terms, including LC, DLC, and TT, so you can get the potatoes you need without any hassle.

Product Name : Fresh potato export overseas to produce potato chips

Varieties: Holland Potato

Sizes : 100g-150g,150g-200g,200g-250g, 250g

Characteristics: 1) clean surface,no stain,no fleck,thin skin,complete body
2) yellow fresh,no fibre,rich nutrition for human health

Supplying Period : All the year round

Package&Capacity: Cartons packing: 26 tons for 40'rh

Bags packing: 28 tons for 40'rh

Supply ability: 10000 tons per month

Delivery time: Within 7 days after receiving the down payment

Other attributes

Storage TypeFresh Yellow Potato


Specification: Fresh Yellow Potato


Shelf Life: 24 months


Manufacturer: Factory


Ingredients: 99


Content : 0.33


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