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African potatoes manufacturers

  1. Zambia:

    • Zambeef Products Plc: A major agribusiness company in Zambia, they produce a variety of potato products, including French fries and potato chips.

  1. Kenya:

    • East African Seed: This company specializes in providing high-quality seed potatoes to farmers in Kenya and other East African countries.

  1. South Africa:

    • McCain Foods (South Africa): McCain is a well-known international company that produces frozen potato products, including French fries, in South Africa.

  1. Egypt:

    • Pepsico Egypt: Pepsico operates in Egypt and produces Lay's potato chips, a popular snack in the country.

  1. Nigeria:

    • Chi Farms: Chi Farms is one of the largest poultry and processed foods companies in Nigeria, and they produce potato products along with other food items.

  1. Tanzania:

    • TAN POT Ltd.: This company is involved in potato processing and produces frozen potato products for the local market.

  1. Uganda:

    • Farming Africa: A Ugandan company involved in potato farming and the African manufacturers of potatoes products, including chips and crisps.

  1. Morocco:

    • Les Frères Guisse: This company specializes in the production and packaging of potatoes and potato products in Morocco.

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